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Online Qigong Workshop

Saturday, August 29th, 2020

10am - 12.45pm (via Zoom)

Sinking the Chest and Developing the Dan Tian

This workshop will focus on two important aspects of our practice:

1. Sinking the Chest down to the lower abdomen, and

2. Developing the energy field of the Dan Tian (in the lower abdomen)

What is the Dan Tian and why would we want to develop it?

The Dan Tian is a field of energetic information in the lower belly, focussed mainly behind the navel area. The acupuncture point directly in front of it, about 2 fingers width below the navel is CV6 and is called the Sea of Qi.

In childhood we have a denser Dan Tian field, but as we grow it starts to disperse and by puberty it is no longer as dense, it is more like a cloud. This is a natural process and is due to the role that the Dan Tian plays in our development as we grow.

Dan can be translated as ‘elixir’ and refers to a high level practice that can be achieved when working with this centre. Tian means field, as in a field of crops, and refers to a place where something can manifest. So, the energy in the body can build and manifest here. For the moment we are aiming to form the Dan Tian into a denser field again, before we start being able to fill it later down the road.

The Dan Tian has a number of roles within our system: it directs the qi in the body, it governs the movement of qi in the channels, and later it fills with qi like a rechargebale battery that we can add to.

It has two components, the outside (the container) and the inside into which qi will fill.

It is only when the field has been reformed that we can look at filling the Dan Tian, otherwise it’s like trying to fill a container which has a number of holes in it. We have to build the field, the container first.

Therefore, the qigong practices in this workshop bring the energy back and re-create the field. The energy has to gather and thicken again in the abdominal region so this can happen.

The wonderful thing about these practices is that they produce real, tangible results. There are clear, physical markers along the way which indicate how our practise is going. We just need to learn, keep practising and have patience!

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Sinking the qi from the chest down to the lower abdomen

Releasing the chest and encouraging the qi to sink down to the lower belly is a key component in our practice. We want the qi to sink to the lower belly as this greatly aids the development of the Dan Tian, which is the engine of our whole energy system.

To release the chest, classically it is said that we need to “make the chest round”. However, this doesn’t mean by physically creating a round shape, by rounding the shoulders forward, for instance, but by opening up the chest so the inside becomes spherical.

When we learn how to open up the chest from the inside and allow everything to release down, then the chest will change shape, open up and our qi will sink down to the lower belly.

In the first aspect of this workshop we will look at methods to encourage this release in the chest:

  • Working with the Kua (inguinal area) to encourage the chest to sink and discovering where we hold ourselves in our hips and other areas which prevent the chest from releasing
  • Breathing into a particular area (acupuncture point) to “get on top of the chest” to encourage it to release
  • Physical movements to open the chest
  • A simple breathing exercise to help loosen the diaphragm

These practices will be done in both a seated and standing posture. (There are no special requirements for the seated practices, you can either sit on a chair or on the floor, whichever is the most comfortable. )

Developing the Dan Tian

Not sure what the Dan Tian is or why we would want to work with it? Please read the drop down panel at the top of this page for a quick explanation.

In the second aspect of this workshop we will start developing the field of the Dan Tian. To do this we will learn a sequence of moves in a seated position. (Again, on the floor or in a chair is fine.)

This sequence will look at the three aspects of:
breathing, and
centre of gravity being focussed into the lower abdominal region

as these are essentially what is required to start the Dan Tian building.

The moves will allow us to connect the hands so that they start to influence the energy on the inside of the body (in the location of the Dan Tian). When we start to move the hands (palms) we start to shape this field of energy, so that we can build this Dan Tian container.

Details for the session

Date:  Saturday, August 29th, 2020
Time:  10am – 12.45pm (UK time)
Venue:  Online, via Zoom
Cost:  £20.00

Who is this workshop suitable for?
This workshop is suitable for those who have some experience of qigong already. It isn’t suitable for complete beginners.
You don’t need to have attended any of my classes beforehand.

General Details:  Parts of this workshop will involve sitting. Sitting on a chair or the floor is fine, so please have the necessary items handy for this.
There will be ample breaks during the workshop for refreshments and toilet visits!

Registration and payment:
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How to connect to the online session
The link to join the session will be sent out in an email the evening before.
The workshop will open at 9.45am to give you chance to connect and make any necessary adjustments.


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