Qigong classes and workshops for health and wellbeing

Qi Gong West Sussex

One to One

Whether you are a complete beginner or have more experience you may want to benefit from a private, personal qigong lesson.

Private classes are invaluable for adapting your practice to your particular needs and wants. Having an experienced eye will help correct any particular imbalances in your practice, will remove excess and develop what may be missing.

And for those just starting qigong it can be a little daunting walking into a class for the first time but after a private lesson most people feel much more confident.

The cost for a one to one lesson is £35.00 (one hour).

Lessons are given in the privacy of your own home and for those who are within ten minutes drive of Lodsworth there is no extra charge. For those further there would be an extra small charge to cover the time spent travelling.

"...I highly recommend Richard as a tutor..."

“The exercises have been particularly helpful with some physical muscle problems I have had for a long time. I now have less discomfort and much better mobility…

..the combination of exercises Richard puts together for me are helping with relaxation (being less anxious); balance; breathing and being still; being able to ground myself more easily…

…he is very supportive in putting together a combination of exercises to support me and my specific needs…”

C.K. – Bury