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Online Qigong classes - Spring Term 2021

In response to the Conrona virus (Covid-19) I have moved both of my regular “physical” classes online. These are now open to anyone who wishes to join – you don’t have to have been coming to my classes in Haslemere or Midhurst before.

These classes are more suitable to those who have some experience with qigong. If you are a complete newcomer you are very welcome to join us, but it may suit that we also look at running an additional “newcomers class” for a little while too. Please do get in touch if that sounds right for you. (I would also consider running a class at a different time too.)

What will we be covering in the classes?

Recently we have started to look at working directly with the Dan Tian (our energy centre in the lower belly).
We did this by initiating three aspects:

  1. bringing our awareness to its location,
  2. matching our centre of gravity to the location,
  3. and working with the breath to influence the area (rotation)

We will continue working with our Dan Tian practices/routines this term and developing the correct qualities of breath.
As always we will also continue to practise our other movement forms as well as strengthening our experience of standing.

We will also work on developing the correct qualities of breath, the first three being: Quiet, Deep, and At Ease. This will involve letting the abdomen breathe naturally, rather than us “doing breathing”.
And, as always, the needs of the group will also help to determine the content.
"...a weekly window of calm in a hectic world..."

“A wonderful introduction to the beautiful movements of Qigong. Taught in a relaxed and peaceful way, where you feel happy to ask questions.
A weekly window of calm in a hectic world. 
I would highly recommend it to anyone.”
N.T. – Haslemere

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