Classes – Haslemere

Haslemere Qigong Class

Day and Time: Tuesday evening, 7.30 – 8.30pm
Venue: Haslewey Community Centre
Dates: 12th September to 12th December 2017
Cost: £8.00 per session

This term our focus will be on the second set of Tai Chi Qi Gong movements, that is, Shibashi Set 2.

The first set was more focused on opening the meridians of the arms which is why most people were able to feel the qi in their palms after practicing that set. The second set is more focused on opening the meridians of the legs. It’s very good for improving ones balancing ability, body coordination and endurance and is also good preparation for our further work with Standing Qigong.

Therefore, fundamental to all of this we will continue to work with the basics of good standing qigong posture and the practice of ‘standing still’, or ‘standing like a tree’. This is a powerful practice integrating all elements of posture, relaxation and breathing, and is excellent at building stamina and health.

Throughout our practice we will also incorporate qigong breathing and how we can sink and stabilise our qi in our lower belly, the reservoir of our qi.