Haslemere Qigong Class – Autumn Term 2019

Wuji is a foundational practice - it is the foundation for any other practice that we may do and it allows us to build these principles into the body over time so that they become natural, easy and inherent when we do our 'moving forms'.

We will focus on the alignment and structure of the body with an aim to help you understand how to free up the body from tension and to establish the body’s alignments so that the Qi can sink towards the abdominal cavity. The Qi can then be circulated around the body so that the channels/ meridians can open up.
This will enable us to establish a qigong practice so that right from the beginning you have the right qualities in your body and practise.

Hand-in-hand with our standing practice we will also learn and practice a foundational form which consists of eight moves. This naturally builds on what we will be learning from Wuji and will help us to create the ‘correct body’ for qigong practice. It will build basic openings and moving of the Qi.

(Registration for this class is either by phone/text or email. The registration form at the top of the site is for the online courses. Thanks.)

"...a weekly window of calm in a hectic world..."

“A wonderful introduction to the beautiful movements of Qigong. Taught in a relaxed and peaceful way, where you feel happy to ask questions.
A weekly window of calm in a hectic world. 
I would highly recommend it to anyone.”
N.T. – Haslemere

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